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Welcome To The TLC Line
When you need to talk ...
                        We're here to listen.....

There are many times you just need to talk to someone, to let off steam, or sort through your day .  We listen and offer reassurance that you have been heard and that someone cares.

The TLC Line is a peer-run service providing ongoing telephone support 
to mental health consumers as you work towards recovery.

We can offer a perspective and feedback that stems from dealing with mental health issues ourselves.  We can understand your feelings without judgement and we will take time to listen what you have to say.

About Us
The TLC Line is supported by Community Counseling Center and is compliant with Missouri Department of Mental Health(DMH) grant funded program.  We are managed and operater under auspices of the Consumer Advisory Board .

  TLC Line Goals
The goals of the TLC Line are to offer positive telephone service to our peers who are in distress and if needed, refer them to other appropriate services.

. To fulfill a need in the community by offering help to peers from peers who hav been through the system and can empathize with a caller's situation.

To assist people through a difficult period or circumstance or share a phone caller's a positive experiences.

To be there for you you when there may be no other source of support; to encourage each caller to find resolution to his/her problems while respecting their entitled right to make their own decisions.

.  To treat all callers with respect and dignity, while maintaining confidentiality .

As an entity dedicated to offering comfort and support to mental health consumers, the TLC Line provides the opportunity for consumers to share their concerns with other mental  health consumers.  It is the belief that TLC Line peer support brings an inherent insight to TLC Line callers to Share empathy and hope.

What You Can Expect When Calling the TLC Line....
Attentive Listeners
Non-judgemental Support
Available Resources
A Safe Encounter

If you need to talk to someone when dealing with life's stress, call the TLC Line.
If you are suicidal please call Crisis Hotline @ 1-800-356-5395
or call  Access Crisis Information in your area

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Peer Impact Center and TLC Warm Line

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Peer Impact Center (573) 803-0322
TLC Warm Line Office ( 573) 803-0925

Community Counseling Center is a private, Charitable, (c)(3), not-for-profit behavioral health organization.  Governing Board members are selected from the communities served by the Community Counseling Center.